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Welcome- Bienvenidos

          In our International CTr. the organization we are committed to providing the best consulting services and training resources available based on our client's needs and vision. We strongly believe that every organization is unique with a special mission in this globalized  world.                                                                                                           Dr. Ernesto Fernandez 


Dr. Ernesto Fernandez, International CTr. President-Founder

Vision, Leadership, and Transformation are the key elements for a long lasting learning organization.

Ernesto Fernandez - International CTr., LLC

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Elite Consulting Team

Our Products and Services

Our company offers many different services

International Consultants & Training Resources LLC. 

Vision, Leadership and Transformation

  • Law Enforcement Training Support and Development
  • NEW Transformative Organizational Application Plan for Dynamic Institutions 
  • National Homeland Security Transformation Elements
  • Orientation, Education and Sustainability, International Research Support
  • Action Research, Publication and Implementation
  • Human Capital Development – Recruitment, Training, Evaluation, Retention and Transition ICTr. Model
  • New Capital Knowledge Development Spectrum
  • All New Project ideas ready for research and implementation with some international pilot programs.

Technical Assistance

The technical Assistance service is essential in the continuous growing process of any organization. Therefore, upon the selection of any of our technical assistance plan a consultant would be designated to your organization during the lifetime of our agreements. The designation of our consultants will depend on the type of your plan selection, organization mission, expertise needed and projects goal.

We have available a diverse technical assistance professionals staff ready to support and help you overcome some of your organizational challenges. In today’s world trust and confidence are fundamentals in every daily organization operations therefore, you need to deposit your organization future with proven professionals of ICTR. Our best satisfaction is to celebrate our client’s success and sustainable expansion.


Our trainings includes a diverse curriculum in three major areas; Law Enforcement-National Security,  and Justice. These areas have leadership development elements integrated in each training or mentorship experience. The ICTR consultants and trainers are ready to support your organization development or transformation process.

Research Development and Innovation

Our research department has a good experience investigators team for every type of organization related to any of our ICTR areas. We recognized that having empirical current data is fundamental for a better analysis during the decision making process. Research practices nourish the innovation process of successful organizations.  

Our Customers 

Wow ! , I would highly recommend this consulting firm to any organization, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to attend again their dynamic trainings.

Maria Garcia